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Google Ads helped you skyrocket your revenue, but now you feel like you’ve hit a growth ceiling?

Plusieurs raisons possible :


You’ve been handling your campaigns independently, but now you feel you lack the expertise and time needed to elevate your account to the next level.


Your website and/or tracking system is no longer suitable: you’ve lost track of your Google Ads returns and prefer to « minimize expenses. »


You’ve delegated, but your current provider isn’t meeting your expectations: initial results were promising, but you’re struggling to scale profitably now.

Vous vous reconnaissez dans ces situations ?
Si oui, vous êtes au bon endroit.


Lybra was founded by Trang and Benjamin, both experienced and specialized SEA consultants with a unique synergy in Google Ads. Simply put, you won’t find another partnership like ours in the French-speaking market.

Benjamin, 35 years old, is a geek passionate of sports who loves taking rocket to the skies!

Benjamin Turc
Trang Taillez

Trang, hailing from Vietnam, is an open-minded Mompreneur who thrives on working remotely while enjoying coffee across different parts of the world.

After more than 3 years of fruitful collaboration on specific client accounts (achieving a 100% success rate), we have chosen to formally combine our strengths and offer our expertise together.


Our Methods

Simple, yet incredibly effective for businesses experiencing stagnant growth.


Optimization of conversion tracking (the most important yet often neglected step): it’s essential to send the highest quality data to Google so it can target the right people.

Campaign construction and segmentation: we follow Google’s latest recommendations to organize the account in a way that promotes the use of smart bidding strategies.

Bid automation and account scaling: if steps 1 and 2 are properly followed, we let the magic of the Google Ads algorithm work its wonders.

The result?

They arrive within the first month generally.


Why us instead of an agency or an independent consultant?

With Lybra, you have the best of both worlds:

Gestion des comptes

No outsourcing: unlike agencies, we manage our clients’ accounts ourselves. The downside? We can’t work with everyone.(cf.below)


Incredible Reactivity :if we don’t reply to our clients within 24 hours, it’s a red flag! Unlike an independent consultant, our partnership enables us to be agile and incredibly responsive..


A business-focused and ROI-driven approach: we approach your business with the mindset of entrepreneurs and investors, treating it as our own.


Who are our clients?

Our organization requires us to be very selective in choosing our clients:

We support:

  • We support businesses that already understand the profitability potential of Google Ads.
  • Who understand the distinction between a partner and a service provider.
  • Who have the ambition to triple their revenue within one year.
  • Who are open to a win-win collaboration (our fees always include a variable component tied to the performance of our campaigns).

Our fees

We offer two solutions:

Flat-rate pricing

Following an assessment of your account and requirements, we can propose a fixed price for our collaboration, offering the following benefits:
  •      Clear understanding of covered services simplifies cost estimation.
  •      Lower flat-rate pricing, due to reduced risk compared to percentage-based models.

A percentage of profit

We take a percentage of the profit generated by Google Ads, creating a win-win arrangement. This type of agreement provides several advantages:
  •     Our interests are aligned, our fee increases only when your profitability does.
  •     We dedicate upfront time to initiatives we believe will stimulate growth.


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